Gary Christian

Gary Christian, founder and owner of Integrity Financial Group South West, LLC, entered the insurance business in 1982 and has won numerous awards as top agent for many insurance companies, has been an agency director and belongs to the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisers.

Gary has been assisting Arizona retirees with their financial planning since 1985. He became aware of the options available to baby boomers and decided to focus on those applying for social security as well as established retirees. He is dedicated to finding the best product for each individual situation. His annual follow-up shows that his commitment to his clients goes beyond the initial financial plan.

Gary was raised on a farm in North Dakota, which his grandfather homesteaded in 1907. On that farm, Gary learned the principles of hard work and trust which he still goes by today. 

He is the proud father of a son who, after serving in the Marines, will soon be retiring from the Coast Guard and a daughter who, after being a teacher, is a self-employed mid-wife. He has six grandchildren and one great-grand son. Gary is very active in his church.                                       


"Gary is very personal and attends to our every need. He is available at anytime for advice. That is very important to me and my family."  MPM

"I cannot be happier with dealing with Gary! He never tires of my many questions and never laughs at me! I am thoroughly satisfied with him!  GA

"Gary is great! He is always there to answer and help with anything you need to know. After my husband passed away he helped with reinvesting his funds"   Anonymous

Integrity Financial Group, LLC, has partnered with Genesis Financial Group, LLC, and Cindy Montana, for assistance with client's estate planning needs. Avoiding probate and maximizing inheritance to heirs is an important part of our service. Gary and Cindy have been working together helping clients for over 20 years.


Cindy Montana

Genesis Financial Group, LLC. offers complete estate planning document preparation services. Operating since 1990, we have assisted Arizona residents in accomplishing their estate planning objectives. We take great pride in our field of specialization, as each family's goals and ambitions are unique and require specific planning.

We believe that to sustain our valued reputation, we need to maintain contact with our clients not simply at the point of the estate plan implementation, but throughout their lifetimes. This kind of service also includes assisting the Successor Trustees as well as the beneficiaries in understanding their roles and responsibilities. We consistently receive referral business, which we consider to be the utmost compliment since it is a reflection of the excellent service we provide.

Cindy Montana, as the founder and CEO of Genesis Financial Group, LLC, will meet with each client personally and places significant importance on relationships. It is the goal of our company to preserve the assets for which each client has worked so hard.

Gary also has been a long-time partner with Vallon Formalejo, an experienced, knowledgeable and highly dedicated loan officer specializing in reverse mortgages.


Vallon Formalejo


Vallon has been a trusted source in lending for over 16 years assisting homeowners in the Valley achieve their ultimate financial goals and thier visions for a beter retirement. Her clients are treated with the utmost respect, the highest level of integrity and unsurpaased service.