Our Team

Gary Christian

Gary was raised on a farm in North Dakota, which his grandfather homesteaded in 1907. On that farm, Gary learned the principles of hard work and trust which he still goes by today.

Gary entered the insurance business in 1982 and has won numerous awards as the top agent for many insurance companies. He has been a successful agency director for several companies as well. He has been a past secretary / treasurer of the Kiwanis Club and has held other offices within the club. He is also very active in his church.

As president of Integrity Financial Group, SW, Gary became aware of the many ooptions available to baby boomers who were applying for Social Security.  He decided to put more emphasis on Social Security Planning, making sure choices were made that could maximize their benefits.  Integrity Financial Group, SW does several workshops at community libraries outlining these optioins by coordinating them with other retirement dollars makng sure retirement is secure.

Gary and his wife, Bobbie, are proud parents of two children and four grandchildren. They look forward to meeting with you and being of assistance in any way they can.